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H.I.M. offers a wide variety of programs for youth, engaged or pre-engaged couples, spouses, families and churches. We group our programs according to personal situation. Teenagers should check out the Youth programs. Couples seriously contemplating marriage, can explore our Pre-Marriage programs. Parents seeking to strengthen their families can learn much from H.I.M.'s Parenting programs. For married couples, we offer a wide range of resources in our Marriage and Family sections. For churches seeking to explore partnering with H.I.M. or inviting Paul and Virginia Friesen to speak, learn more from our Church Partnership and speaking sections.



Our Youth face so many choices today. With the constant strain of often relentless peer pressure, it's hard for kids to make the right choices, that they may want and need to make. H.I.M.'s Youth programs and resources specifically address choices facing them and how God would want us to make those choices.


Prior to marriage, we’re faced with the difficult decision of who God wants us to choose are our spouse. We’re also faced with the societal pull of sexual impurity. Our Pre-Marriage programs and products are geared towards those not yet in serious relationships, those in serious relationships contemplating marriage and those who have made an engagement commitment to each other.


Marriages are in trouble in this country in both Christian and non-Christian homes. H.I.M. believes strongly in the sanctity of marriage and offers a number of resources to help you strengthen your marriage.


Parenting in the 21st century presents timeless challenges and also the unprecedented influence of outside forces. Our children are faced with a multitude of influencers - media, internet, peers, and others who don't offer the same messages that we want them to hear. How do we raise children in this environment? H.I.M. offers a wide range of programs and products to equip you to raise your children to honor God, their families and their communities.


Families are the heart of our society and strong families are needed in our society. Whether you are a family of one parent or two, are a blended family, or are family of grandparents raising grandchildren, H.I.M. wants to help your family grow stronger. We offer several programs and products for the entire family.

Church Partnership

Believing that the local church is God’s primary institution for affecting individual marriages and families, Home Improvement Ministries partners with local churches in New England who share this vision.


Paul and Virginia Friesen speak on a wide range of topics related to youth, engaged couples, marriage and parenting. Their audiences are diverse: parents, children, teens, young adults, engaged couples, professional athletes, pastors, church leaders, couples, singles, men's groups, and women's groups, Mom to Mom, MOPS, seniors, and families. They also speak in a variety of venues including churches, weekend events, day seminars and conferences.


The H.I.M. team puts on a variety of events throughout the year.

Some last a single day or evening:
   Family Focus Nights
   Date Nights
   Worth It: You are Worth It—God is Worth It—Sex is Worth It
   Pastors' Forum
Some span a weekend:
   Pre-engagement Weekends
   Marriage Conferences and Retreats


Paul and Virginia meet with couples and individuals to work with them in the areas of premarital counseling, marriage counseling, and counseling concerning parenting. They frequently use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) personality inventory to assist in their counseling and at other events. (Virginia is certified to administer and evaluate the results of the MBTI.)

H.I.M. Publications

H.I.M. has begun to produce study guides, pamphlets, brochures, and books, as well as audio CDs of talks by Paul and Virginia Friesen and other well respected speakers.

Book Recommendations

The Friesens are avid readers and have prepared a list of commercially available publications that they recommend. Many of these are available through the H.I.M. website, on-line bookstores, or your local bookstore.

If you would like to schedule Paul and Virginia for a speaking engagement, an event, or counseling, please contact Paul through his eMail address Paul <at> HIMweb.org. If you prefer to write to them, send your letter to

Paul and Virginia Friesen
Home Improvement Ministries
213 Burlington Road, Suite 101-B
Bedford, MA 01730

Please, visit the rest or our website to find out more information about our events, speaking engagements and our publications.


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