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We appreciate your interest in Home Improvement Ministries. You can be reached in a variety of ways. We can be contacted through email, US Mail, by telephone or by completing a contact form.
Paul and Virginia Friesen speak on a wide range of topics related to youth, engaged couples, marriage and parenting. Their audiences are diverse: parents, children, teens, young adults, engaged couples, professional athletes, pastors, church leaders, couples, singles, men's groups, and women's groups, Mom to Mom, MOPS, seniors, and families. They also speak in a variety of venues including churches, weekend events, day seminars and conferences.
If you are interested in scheduling the Friesens to speak, please review the current schedule. You can see the events that are already schedules to see the types of events and to see if their schedule is available.
We value your questions and comments. Please use the contact form to email us.
There are various ways to contact us. This page summarizes many of them.
This payment form is supplied to assist people to make a payment for items or events that have already been requested. The normal book order forms and event registration forms should be used to initiate an order.
Paul and Virginia meet with couples and individuals to work with them in the areas of premarital counseling, marriage counseling, and counseling concerning parenting. They frequently use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) personality inventory to assist in their counseling and at other events. (Virginia is certified to administer and evaluate the results of the MBTI.)
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