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The Marriage App
unlocking the irony of intimacy

by Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen
Wouldn't it be nice to simply download an “app” and have a more satisfying marriage?  While The Marriage App: Unlocking the Irony of Intimacy will take more than a download to give you the intimacy in marriage you have been longing for, it will direct you to the One who is able to unlock the mystery.  From their more than 30 years of marriage counseling and a deep reverence for and dependence on God's word, Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen have given us a very biblical and practical App that can give us that marriage we have always desired. What might happen if we put our spouse's desires ahead of our own?  What might happen if we really did trust God's design for marriage?

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Paul and Virginia Friesen, fundamentally grounded in Christ, have thoughtfully represented both sides of the aisle in creating The Marriage App, a practical, APPlicable handbook for anyone who wants to get married, be married, and stay married.
     Though the concepts are timeless in nature, The Marriage App has arrived in a most timely manner. Presently, with every marriage staring down a near 50% failure rate, we have to battle to guard our relationships. The popular solution for a struggling marriage is to end it—despite the cost of obtaining a divorce, legal fees, settlements, and the intangible price that families pay both emotionally and psychologically. Unhappy marriages are no longer . . . “longer”. Separation is the new restoration.
     Common sense tells us that relationships do not stand still. They are moving in either one direction (intimacy) or the other (separation). Within each moment, a choice is presented—to move either toward or away from one another, and ultimately, God’s plan for us to be a united front.    More...

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Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen were married in 1976 and are the parents of three young women, two of whom are now married to wonderful, Godly men.  They have been involved in Family Ministries for over 35 years through family camps, church staff positions, speaking, consulting, and writing. In 2003, they founded Home Improvement Ministries (www.HIMweb.org), a non-profit organization dedicated to equipping individuals and churches to better encourage marriages and families in living out God's design for healthy relationships.

As the lead resource couple at Home Improvement Ministries, the Friesens regularly speak at marriage, men’s, and women’s conferences in the US and internationally, as well as local family and parenting seminars, and have an ongoing ministry with several professional athletic teams.  Paul and Virginia both have Doctorates in Marriage and Family Therapy from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and have authored over 10 books and DVD series.

Paul and Virginia’s greatest joy in life is knowing that their children are walking in the Truth.

Published by Home Improvement Ministries, Bedford, MA
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