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"Letters to My Daughters - Discussion Guide" by Dr. Paul A. Friesen
Letters to My Daughters
Discussion Guide

by Dr. Paul A. Friesen

The Discussion Guide is intended to help parents, youth leaders, small group leaders, and teens work through and get the most out of their study of Letters to My Daughters. Letters to My Daughters is a book written by a dad as he shares his heart and wisdom with his three daughters regarding a life-changing decision: marriage. Through 52 personal letters to Kari, Lisa, and Julie, Paul Friesen pens his insights on the importance of convictions, character, considerations, and chemistry as they relate to relationships.

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Forword by Ray Johnston:
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Letters to My Daughters is absolute gold! It is on my short list of “must read books.” I am thrilled that Paul Friesen is now offering a companion discussion guide to enhance and expand the usefulness of the letters he wrote his daughters back when they were in high school and college and then generously shared with all of us.

Six years ago I wrote the foreword to that book, Letters to My Daughters. I was excited about how God might use the book, but had little knowledge about how well He would lead me to use it in my own life and ministry. However, in these past six years, I have:

  • given Letters to My Daughters to each of my own four children (two sons and two daughters),

  • repeatedly told my church of 10,000 that every parent of every teen should buy this book for their kids and have them read it,

  • directed all our high school leaders to read it, and finally,

  • have found it helpful to put my coffee mug on to protect our coffee table while watching sporting events.

The new Discussion Guide you are now holding will be invaluable to you as you ponder more fully the truths of each letter in Letters to My Daughters. For small groups, the questions in this Discussion Guide will foster lively discussion that will help each of you think together about how best to apply the truths of the letters in your present relationships. For pastors and youth leaders, it will be an additional tool in your relationship-building tool box as you seek to help teens and parents discuss the building of God-honoring relationships.

God-honoring marriages start with God-honoring decisions regarding relationships. I believe the truths of God’s word expressed in this book will encourage and equip you to this end.

Ray Johnston, Senior Pastor
Bayside Church
Granite Bay, CA



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