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DVD teaching series by Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen
The Father’s Heart (9 lessons)
Lessons from the Perfect Father for Imperfect Parents

In a day where we as parents often long for mentors, this DVD series points us to the only perfect mentor and model we will ever have. Instead of shaping our Heavenly Father's image from that of our earthly father, let's shape our earthly parenting from our Heavenly Father. This series draws on God's love and compassion for us, yet is very practical as the principles of scripture become tools to help families to more fully reflect the image God in all they do and are. More...
Created in God's ImageCreated in God's Image (7 lessons) Experiencing the Dignity, Diversity, and Delight in Marriage as God's Image Bearers

Adam and Eve were created in the image of God, in the image of the Trinity.  Since we also are created in the image of the Godhead, perhaps we ought to more fully reflect the character and interaction they experienced. This DVD series will help you practically experience the unity God designed for us in marriage.  Learn how to more fully celebrate your diversity as male and female.  Discover how we often, unknowingly, do not treat our mate with the dignity befitting one who is created in the image of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. More...
Parenting by DesignParenting by Design (11 lessons)
Intentional Parenting Principles from the Master Designer

We would never build a house without plans, nor allow our children to make all their educational choices, yet we often don't seem to have a plan when it comes to the values, convictions, and character we wish to see in our children. This DVD series helps you be more intentional about this incredible privilege and responsibility called parenting. More...
Recapturing EdenRecapturing Eden (12 lessons)
Recapturing God's Design for Marital Intimacy

God's plan for Adam and Eve was to live in intimate relationship with Him and with each other. Their "nakedness"-in every meaning of the word-with each other was their daily experience. Then Satan tempted them with experiences God had clearly forbidden. Instead of experiencing freedom, they ended up not naked and unashamed, but clothed and separated from God and each other. This DVD series very practically and biblically teaches us how to return to "Eden" and live as we were designed to live. More...
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