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Books by Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen
The Marriage AppThe Marriage App
unlocking the irony of intimacy
by Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen

Wouldn't it be nice to simply download an App and have a more satisfying marriage? Well, the book, "The Marriage App: Unlocking the Irony of Intimacy" will take more than a download to give you the intimacy in marriage you have been longing for, but it will direct you to the One that is able to unlock the mystery. From their more than 30 years of marriage counseling and a deep reverence for and dependence on God's word, Drs Paul and Virginia Friesen have ...   More...
Marriage, Culture, and ScriptureMarriage, Culture, and Scripture
a look at God's Design for Marriage
by Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen

Couples in every culture around the world are struggling to find satisfaction and joy in marriage. Each culture brings helpful and harmful traditions to this pursuit. This book explores God’s message about marriage—it was His idea in the first place! The insights and directives from scripture will encourage and equip the reader who is seeking a marriage that more fully honors Him and each other.   More...
Letters to My DaughtersLetters to My Daughters
A Dad's thoughts on a most important decision — Marriage
Dr. Paul A. Friesen

A dad shares his heart and wisdom with his three daughters regarding a life-changing decision: marriage. Through 52 personal letters to Kari, Lisa, and Julie. Paul Friesen pens his insights on the importance of convictions, character, considerations, and chemistry as they relate to relationships.   More...
Letters to My Daughters - Discussion GuideLetters to My Daughters
Discussion Guide
A Dad's thoughts on a most important decision — Marriage
Dr. Paul A. Friesen

This Discussion Guide is intended to help parents, youth leaders, small group leaders, and teens work through and get the most out of their study of Letters to My Daughters.   More...
Before You Save the DateBEFORE YOU SAVE THE DATE
21 Questions to help you marry with confidence by
Dr. Paul Friesen

Author Dr. Paul Friesen poses 21 questions dealing with Convictions, Character, Compatibility, and Chemistry to help couples confirm their decision to move toward marriage. This practical, biblically-based book is easy to read, yet deep enough to be thought-provoking and useful in confirming one of life’s most critical decisions.   More...
In Our ImageIn Our Image
Marriage as a Reflection of the Godhead by
Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen

Designed for those who are living busy lives, this daily study is for couples and small groups. It is an eight-week series that leads you through a brief 10-minute time together as a couple each day and prepares you for a weekly small group study if you wish. Each day is divided into Scripture, Sharing, Support, and Supplication, followed by a weekly message of hope and encouragement.   More...
So You Want to Marry My Daughter?So You Want to Marry My Daughter?
by Dr. Paul A. Friesen

The top 10 questions every dad should ask and every young man should be prepared to answer before engagement (way before!)

If you’re a dad and want to know what kind of man you should be praying for for your daughter — whether she’s two or twenty-two — consider the ten questions presented here. They draw a picture of a man who knows and loves God and who seeks to honor Him by serving his prospective wife and loving her “as Christ loved the church.” With wit and humor, Dr. Friesen shows the reader not only how to identify such a suitor, but how to be such a man.   More...
Raising a TrailblazerRaising a Trailblazer
Rite-of-Passage Trail Markers for Your Set-Apart Teens
Dr. Virginia Friesen

Put on your hiking boots and get ready to walk the challenging “Teenage Years Trail” with a seasoned trail guide who is well prepared to teach you how to encourage your teenager at critical mileposts along the way. Virginia, along with her daughters, clearly and creatively communicates how to lovingly guide your child to choose godliness, purity, and purpose as they embark on this hazardous trail. This is a much needed and relevant book for our times when it is so easy for our children to be led ...   More...
Jesus on MarriageJesus On Marriage:
A look at teachings on marriage from Jesus (and a few friends)
by Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen

What would Jesus say about marriage today? These studies are designed to encourage couples and small groups to discuss not only what Jesus would say, but also what He calls us to do, that we might experience more fully His good design for marriage.

This ten-week guide puts forth questions for couples to consider, leading to the small-group discussion each week.  
Restoring the FallenRestoring the Fallen
A Team Approach to Caring, Confronting & Reconciling

When Christians fall into sin, how can we restore them? How can we bring them back into the fellowship with more than a superficial apology? These are vital questions, but so often churches stumble at this critical point. Either we ignore the wrongdoing or we banish the wrongdoer. The authors of this groundbreaking book provide a new model for church discipline ...   More...

Gospel RevolutionGospel Revolution
Allowing God to Awaken Our
Passion for the Gospel

by Gabriel Garcia

Gospel Revolution is a valuable resource not only for the seasoned believer but also for those exploring the gospel for the first time. With scripture at the center of this book, the author writes short meditations to encourage us to mine the depths of the gospel with our minds, while also treasuring the good news in our hearts.  Allow God to use Gospel Revolution to awaken your passion for Him, whether you are reading this as an individual, small group, or church. See how the gospel—the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ—is the only true source for transformation, allowing us to find reconciliation with God and experience the fullness of life, to God’s glory.   More...




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